Outdoor Fishing Automatic Hand Washing Pump


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Outdoor Fishing Automatic Hand Washing Pump

This automatic pump is lightweight and portable in size, it is very convenient for carrying and getting water safely, works great for fishing and keeping your hands clean.

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Waterproof design for the whole machine.
Automatic pumping, easy to get water.
Large water yield to meet the amount of water needed for fishing.
Battery-powered, let you enjoy the fun of fishing at any time.

Main material: aluminum alloy
Main color: black
Use time: About 8 hours
Battery: 8 * AA batteries (not included)
Hose length: about 1.85m
Bend pipe length: 150mm
Pole length: 160mm
Pump height: 170mm
Package size: 250 * 200 * 80mm / 9.8 * 7.9 * 3.1in
Package Weight: 340g / 12.0ounce

Package list:
1 * Water Absorber Machine Set

Additional information




aluminum alloy

Product name

Fishing Washer

Type 1

Fishing Suction Device

Type 2

Water Absorber Machine

Type 3

Fishing Automatic Water Pump

Type 4

Fishing Equipment Tool


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