20 PCS Mixed Colors Spoon Fishing Lure Kit. Free Shipping


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20 PCS Mixed Colors Spoon Fishing Lure Kit

The DONQL comes in mixed colors. They are metal spoon lures with a noise paillette. ( 10 ea. –  8g, 2 ea. – 7g, 8 ea. – 5g)

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Brand: DONQL

Lure Type: Spoon Bait

Lure Kit Weight: 82g/60g/70g/129g/124g/196g

Lure Kit Size: (5.04inch * 2.56inch * 0.91inch) and (5.91inch * 4.13inch * 0.67inch)

Hooks: Strong Treble Hooks

Colors: Silver/Gold

Additional information

Brand Name



River, Reservoir Pond, Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Beach Fishing, LAKE



Model Number

DD spoon Fishing lure


Artificial Bait

Name 1

Fishing Lure

Feature 1

Fishing Artificial Bait

Feature 2

Fishing Lure Spoon

Feature 3

Metal Fishing Lure Kit

Feature 4

Fishing Lure Jin

Feature 5

Metal Spoon Fishing Lure

Feature 6

Metal Spinner Spoon Fishing Lure

Feature 7

Minnow Spoon Fishing Lure

Use for

Winter Fishing, Ice Fishing

Hook Type

Three Hooks, Barbed Hook


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