20 PSI 12.0V Paddle Board / Vehicle Pump


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20 PSI 12.0V Paddle Board / Vehicle Pump

This pump can be used to inflate and deflate your paddleboard, as well as many other different kinds of PVC products. It can be recharged by car, which is convenient for outdoor use to save time. Also, there are many options for this pump.

Shipping $16.22 from China with estimated delivery within 30 days.

Features include:

The LCD display is clearly visible, easy to operate.

It is suitable for stand-up paddleboard, rubber boat, inflatable tent, etc.

High strength nylon flexible hose with a standard air valve connector gives you a quick inflation connection.

Pressure unit quick conversion, intelligent sensors set value. When the air pressure reaches the set value, it will automatically stop, with a maximum of 20 PSI.

Car chargings, convenient for outdoor use.


Material: ABS+PA

Pressure preset ranges: 0.5-20PSI

Power: 110W

Voltage: Direct Current 12.0V

Length of inflation hose: about 1100mm

Air volumes: 350L / min

Power cord length: 3000mm

Package size: 230 * 170 * 205mm / 9.1 * 6.7 * 8.1in

Package weight: 1900g / 4.2lb

Packing List:

1 * Air Pump

1 * Telescopic Hose

1 * Inflatable Connectors Set


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